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K Oxiderm OP Cream


√ Second-generation post-treatment care that maximizes the stability and effectiveness of vitamin K1 oxide

√ Use Vitamin K1 Oxide in liquid form that is proven to be stable in ultraviolet, allergic and antigenic

√ 110nm Nano-Liposome System for faster penetration

√ Maximize the effect by linking with vitamins C and E

Purpura, bruise, redness by vascular stimulation

1. Erythema, Redness
2. Chronic sebaceous inflammation
3. Capillary dilatation
4. Bruise after small vein removal surgery
5. Bruise after injury

After various treatments

1. After liposuction
2. After lifting or slimming treatment to neck and face
3. After Surgery for Nose
4. After Filler injection
5. After Botox, collagen injection